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Published Dec 23, 21
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For a router with IP address of 192. 168.1. 1, you just need to alter the 4th octet in the default ip address, that is 192. 168.1. XXX where XXX is the set of numbers that require to be changed and must be special for each gadget on the network.

Step 2: Connect the AP to your network, To configure the AP you need to first connect it to your network so you can access it's internal web-based settings page. Each access point comes with a Po, E injector. Connect the AP to the power injector using the MAIN (Po, E) port, and the power injector to your switch or router utilizing the SECONDARY (LAN) port as pictured below.

168.1. 20. Be sure you are utilizing a compatible network, and enter this IP address into the address bar of your web internet browser. If you do not see the login page and get a security error message, follow the directions provided in the image below. We are utilizing Chrome as the browser in this case.

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Once you are on the SYSTEM page, change the default password by clicking on the magnifying glass as imagined listed below to show a drop down area that lets you change the password. Get in the old password and the new password on this page now. Aerial Installations Askam. In addition, before saving changes set the Time Zone.

a) Click the WIRELESS tab situated on the top of the admin page to navigate to the page that permits you to set up radio settings. Have a look at the image listed below to see how we have actually configured the radio. Make certain the Channel Width is set to.

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If you have lots of other Wi, Fi AP in the area, then you can select a channel to decrease disturbance, Extension Channel - Select None, Frequency List - leave this uncontrolled as we are not picking particular transmission frequencies, Compute EIRP Limitation - leave as is (checked)Antenna Gain - depending on the strength of the antenna on your AP, it can differ, Output Power - Put it as max, Data Rate Module - leave as Default, Max TX Rate, Mbps - unless you have more than 6 radios in close proximity you can leave this at its default settings as image below, Security - Select the type of file encryption you would like for the Wi, Fi signal emitted by this AP (Aerial Installations Ambleside).

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Action 7: Configure the Radio's IP Address to Avoid IP Conflicts, Provided that we have multiple radios that are by default on the same IP address, we have to change the ip address prior to connecting the next gadget or there will be a conflict trying to access on the default IP.Make sure to change the last octet * on the IP address to an open address on your network that is either: Later reserved on your network pointing to the device's MAC Address, Outdoors of the DHCP range to avoid IP disputes on the network * Octets are separated by a decimal point.

168.1. 20 address is the number 20. Once you've altered its address click modification, and if a blue bar appears on the top, click APPLY. We set our AP's ip address to 192. 168.1. 95 (not revealed). The AP will reboot, and your web browser ought to be rerouted to the new address of the radio.

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